Ask and Answered by Casino Wiz Kid

Q.How do I set up an account on the casino websites?

A. You will need to go to the casino website. On the first page of the site, there is usually a button you can download the software and register. This free and easy, and the casinos offer bonuses for new users too.

QWill my information that I type into the system be shared with anyone else?

A. The information that provide the casino by typing it into the system is safe and sill not be shared with anyone else.

Q.How do I deposit money into the system?

A. You can do the deposit through the banking software by using the payment method of your choice, e.g. you can use a credit card to deposit money into the system. If you aren’t sure how to go forward just contact the customer service and they will lead you through the process.

QWhen I put money into the casino, is it safe and secure?

A. Yes, your money safe and secure. Both ways around, to deposited or withdraw from the casino, it is convenient and fast. They have protective devices to ensure their customers’ money doesn’t get lost on its way. The casino’s we reviewed are secured by a 128-bit encryption technology, that ensures that information and money will always be kept safe.

Q.What should I do if the money I won on the casino website isn’t there in my account?

A. It is important to understand that the money may take a while to appear in your account. You will have waiting period of 24 hours, where you can easily reverse the money back to your casino account. If you have questions it is important to use the option of contacting the customer service 24-hours/ 7days a week, so they can explain the process to you.

QWhat are the age requirements for playing on the online casinos?

A. This will depend on what country/area you are living/staying at. In most cases, a player must be at least 18 years (depending of the countries law). Some online casinos have a minimum age limit of 21 years of age. A player will find the requirements when they are signing up on the site. They may need to provide some ID documents, to proof that are at a legal age to play. Also some counties dfo not allow online gambling at all. So check the law before you start gambling.


Q.How do I know if a casino is a legal one?

A. Every online casino will have a section will they will show that they have a license. You can also read about whatever honors that has been given to them for having a good online casino presence.

Q.Is there special software that I need to get in order to bet online?

A. This will be specified on the casino’s website. If you need to download software, it is usually free and easy to do so. If you e.g. use a MAC, you cannot download a software but use the convenient Flash Version. Some casinos offer a mobile version in form of a mobile casino, so you can play from your mobile device on the go, from anywhere you like to.

QIs there a time frame that I can play the online games?

A. No, the online casinos are open 24-hours a day, every day of the year. You are free to play at whatever time you want to, day and night, whenever you like to enjoy the pleasure of gambling.

Q.How often do people win on the games on the casino websites?

A. You will find that people can win at any time when they play on the online casinos. Many of the jackpot listings are available on the websites, allowing you to see who won how much and when. There will also be a listing of odds on each of the games, so you can get a better idea of what is needed to win big. Every casino offers reports and statistics, which you can ask for at the customer service.

Q.Are the rewards good at the games, I want to make sure that I win a much as possible?

A. There are plenty of great rewards that you can take advantage of. On most of the Slot games, you will find examples of the rewards that you can receive depending on how you bet on the game. Once you get used to playing the games, you will be well on your way to getting the highest rewards that you can receive.

Q.What are the promotions offered in the casinos? Do loyal player get more?

A. Usually the promotions and bonuses that are offered that are very good. They vary and depend how often you play. Regular players are able to join different promotion levels that enable them to win more, when they deposit. For instance, many of the casino websites have VIP options for loyal players, that give away loyalty points, which can be trade into casino credits.

Q.How do I take advantage of the promotions and bonuses?

A. Each casino has is different structure and offers different bonuses and promotions. To receive the bonuses, you will need to sign up and become a member. In order to get the bonuses, you will need to deposit and while enjoying your games you receive all the goodies from the casino.

Q.Is the casino software easy to navigate through?

A. You will discover that the software is easy to navigate. The menu is easy and leads you to all the different sections, different headings for each type of information, you might be interested in, offers you a range of functions and services.

Q.What types of games do they offer on the websites, and how will I know how to play the games

that are on the casino websites?

A. There are plenty of games at the casinos. Most offer all different types of Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack and much more. You will find instructions for the games, when you chose it to play. These instructions are really easy to follow. They describe how to get the most action out of the game and give additional information on how to bet to make the most out of your money.

Q.Is it easy to play for someone that is just new to gambling? I am not sure that I will understand how to use the games so is there a way to get help with that?

A. Yes understanding the gambling rules and how to play the games is important to make the best out of your deposit. There are FAQW’s, T&C’s on the website and directions for each game to make it easy and convenient for you to learn how to play and win. You have access to great customer service representatives for answers you cannot find in the knowledge hubs.

Q.How good is the customer service department? Are the staff members specialists in gambling, and will they have the answers that I need?

A. The customer service representatives in the online casinos we reviewed are very professional. They are well trained in gambling topics, and they will have the answers to any of your questions about the casinos or gambling in general. They will be able to assist you with your queries about the games you like to play too.

Q.How often do people play on the online casino sites? Do they play regularly?

A. Many people play in their free time, while lunch during breaks or even on the go, when they are in a train on their way to work or holidays. Since they can play at any time of the day or night, they fit it in around their busy schedules or just relax at home after work. Being able to play from home, in your own living room or while they are on the go is really convenient. You can play regularly and make big money, while having great entertainment. Since you can win rewards and bonuses, you may play more when winning. Most of regular gamblers love, that they have the opportunity to play at your own time and convenience.

Q.What if I find myself having a problem with gambling too much?

A. When gambling becomes a problem in your an/or in your family lives, you need to take action to protect your existence. You will find a lot of information on the casino’s websites (Responsible Gambling), which will help you to do the next step. You will find gambling hotlines that you can call, if you or someone else you know is having a problem with playing and gambling too much. These hotlines will give you the support that you need. You can also add a deposit limit to your casino account or even blog it for a certain amount of time to prevent you from gambling. Gambling is fun, but it shouldn’t threaten yours or your loved once lives.