History of Online Casinos

Casino games originated in ancient Rome during the 3rd century AD. Although they had become less popular over time, the craze for gambling was rekindled during the 1800s thanks to innovations in technology. Since then, online casino gaming has grown into one of the largest industries on the planet, raking in billions of dollars every year. Today, it’s estimated that half of the world’s population plays at least once per month, and some estimates say that their total annual turnover exceeds $1 trillion.

How Casinos Started

The history of online casinos is as old as the industry itself. The first online casinos were launched in 1994 by a group of French entrepreneurs who wanted to cash in on the emerging phenomenon after seeing how well slot machines worked in Europe. The idea caught hold just like it did with live casino. Although there are numerous claims about where online casinos started, the most accurate version goes something like this: An American entrepreneur named Howard Lederer came up with the concept back in 1991 when he noticed an increase in illegal activity taking place on the Internet. He decided to create his website called “BetOnNet” which offered sports betting in US dollars for major sporting events such as professional football and basketball. His site was shut down shortly thereafter by authorities who said it violated United States laws against wagering on sporting events.

After the incident, Lederer realized that the market for legal internet gambling was huge and decided to take his idea global. In 1994, he partnered with two other Americans – Alan Schwartz and Larry Cermak — to launch their new company called International Game Technology (IGT) which would later go on to be the biggest name in online gambling.

It wasn’t long before IGT developed its first successful game – Blackjack-based software called Baccarat. It was also the moment when online casinos got their official start. By 1996, the first websites offering these games went online and since then, many others have followed suit. Today, more than 100 countries host online casinos. Some of them offer hundreds of different types of games and others specialize in particular genres. There’s even one that only offers roulette!

What Makes Online Casino Games Different?

Online slots are the basic building blocks of all casino games. They are a type of mechanical device that uses randomly generated symbols and numbers to determine whether or not you win. These games use a matrix of paylines and require players to make certain combinations appear along those lines.

If you think about it, playing any kind of slot machine is very similar to having a dice throw. You line your money up along the paylines and hope to get lucky enough to match three or five identical symbols and win whatever bonus coins you’ve accumulated. However, modern-day slots don’t rely entirely on luck alone. Instead, they often use complex algorithms that analyze player data to maximize profits. As a result, it can sometimes feel like the reels aren’t spinning anymore…they’re calculating!

When it comes to online blackjack, things are slightly different. This game does not usually use random number generators but instead employs a deck of cards. Depending on what card combination appears on top of the screen, the dealer will either hit or stay. If the dealer stays, you win nothing; however, if the dealer hits, then you’ll receive points based on the value of the last card dealt to you. The dealer receives no benefit from hitting on this hand so it makes sense that they should stand on every opportunity they get.

While online versions of blackjack do exist, most sites allow players to play real table games. These include variations of poker, baccarat and craps. Most of these games involve a live human dealer and a set of decks of cards. The main differences between real table games and online casino games are the rules involved. For example, while playing video poker at home, you might need to ensure that your opponent doesn’t know how many cards you have left in your stack during the showdown round. On the other hand, when playing online, the dealer will always deal out the same amount of cards regardless of your position.

The same goes for other variants such as blackjack. Real table casinos tend to give the dealer an additional advantage by allowing him to “hit soft”. This means he has the option to choose to stand on any given hand without risking anything. He can only do this once per round though.


It’s easy to see why people go there time after time. While most of us would love to be able to visit our favourite casino whenever we want, unfortunately, the laws governing both gambling and online gaming differ in various parts of the world. In some cases, citizens must prove that they’re over 21 years old to enter. Others simply ask for proof that you’ve spent thousands of dollars annually in their establishments. However, with the advent of online casinos, it’s now possible to enjoy your favourite games virtually anywhere you want. Even better, the best online casinos are completely safe and secure.