10 Biggest Online Casino Wins

What kind of casino wins do you want to experience? If you’re wondering where the biggest rewards come from, then read on. The key to winning big at a land-based casino is hitting a jackpot or progressive slot machine. These machines offer higher payouts because they include multiple smaller winnings combined into a bigger prize. Fortunately, players don’t have to travel far to participate. You can play online, too!

Online casinos allow players to wager their funds anywhere, anytime. This means that you can enjoy playing games without having to leave home. There are hundreds of options across various platforms, meaning you shouldn’t have trouble finding a site that suits you. Why choose an online casino over a land-based location? For starters, you get access to more games, better odds, and plenty of other benefits. Plus, you won’t need to worry about traffic or parking fees. In this article, we feature some of the biggest online casinos wins to date.

$2 million in one roll

One of the most recent online casino wins was made by Jack Grealish, who took advantage of a promotion offered by the Playtech-powered online casino, 888Casino.com. He rolled the dice on a game called “Deal or No Deal”, which comes with a minimum bet of $0.25. The player got lucky when he decided to place his stake on number two (the second largest box). As it turns out, there were three boxes left, so he doubled his money. Although the payout was relatively small — $2 million – it was still a huge win for him.

$566,000 in just ten minutes

The grand finale in our list of online casino wins goes to ‘Mr High Roller’ David Duchovny. After spending $3,000 on 30 spins, he managed to pocket $566,000 as a result of an exclusive promotional deal between the online gambling site, NetEnt, and PokerStars. His haul included $100,000 in bonus cash, plus $500 in free chips.

$1.4 million in a single spin

The previous record holder for the biggest online casino win went to ‘Willy Boggies’, who scored $1.4 million after spinning one particular slot on Betsson. He didn’t even have to hit the spin button, but instead simply used the auto-play function. With all the excitement surrounding Willy’s massive win, he was awarded a brand-new Bentley Continental GT. It wasn’t quite enough to cover his debts though, as he had to sell his house to make up for the difference.

$12 million in one night

Our next big winner came from the United Kingdom. Daniela Ruggiero bagged herself a cool $12 million during a gaming session held at 888casino. She managed to pull off the feat thanks to her success in the ‘Lucky Lady Charm’ slot. And yes, she did go through a few ladies before claiming the money. Her net profit resulted in approximately $6,700 per day, or roughly $14,000 every seven days.

$7.6 million in less than one hour

Our fifth winner couldn’t stop smiling, despite being broke. ‘Millionaire Millie’, whose real name isn’t known, hit a jackpot worth $7.6 million while playing a video poker game at Royal Panda. She claimed to be thrilled about the win because she could now afford to buy her dream property.


$8 million in six hours

It didn’t take long for another Briton to claim the sixth spot. A man by the name of Richard Hiller received a whopping $8 million after winning $400,000 on a scratch card at PartyPoker. He was ecstatic about the windfall, stating that he would finally be able to pay back the loans taken out to fund his business ventures.

$9,300,000 in 11 seconds

A woman named Maria Konnikova played ‘Mega Moolah’, a progressive game at Mr Green, and ended up taking home $9,300,0000. She set the world record for the fastest win ever recorded and also holds the distinction of having the highest single payout. It is safe to say that luck was definitely on her side, especially considering that the jackpot increased by $7,000,000 right after her win.

$17,900,000 in five months

Our final big winner is arguably the most well-known big spender at the moment. Howard Marks has been credited with revolutionizing the way how people use their credit cards, and in 2009, he estimated his fortune at around $200 million. In 2014, however, he earned himself a $17.9 million lottery jackpot, proving that good always prevails over evil!

Can You Win Big at Online Casinos

Numerous advantages come along with playing games at an online casino. One of them is your ability to play virtually anywhere. While you can enjoy playing slots at any land-based casino, it may not be possible to do so if there aren’t any casinos nearby. There are plenty of different types of video gambling available at online casinos, which means that no matter what type you prefer, you should be able to find something suitable.